Assurant Health’s Dental Plus Plan Has No Deductibles…

The phones continue to ring and the most requested product we continue to be asked about is if there are any stand alone dental plans available for people with NO DEDUCTIBLES, NO WAITING PERIODS for most benefits, and NO NETWORK requirements.  For many they are also seeking an effective date as soon as tomorrow.  Does this plan exist – well for the most part it does and it is easy to enroll in.  Assurant Health’s Dental Plus plan is available to individuals and families living in these states.

Assurant Health Dental Coverage available in these states

Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming

Assurant Dental Brochure

Until recently there were not many really good options for stand alone dental plans.  But over the past several years the dental plans available today are the best we have ever seen.  I seems that the majority of the people we speak with already have a current dental issue they are seeking help with.  Currently there are a couple of companies that offer dental plans that start paying benefits from day one and Assurant Health is one of them.

Most people agree that regular dental care can mean more than a brighter smile.  Maintaining good oral health is vital to your overall health.  Assurant Health offers a stand alone dental plan in each of the listed states above.  There are three benefit levels to choose from with monthly rates starting as low as $15.50 per month.  Assurant Health’s dental plans pay CASH right to you and not the provider.  There are no networks at all – you simply choose who you want to go to for your dental services.

In addition there are no waiting periods to meet before dental benefits are paid which is unique to the Assurant Health dental plans.  Benefits are reduced to 50% during the first policy year and then payments are made at 100% of the benefit allowed in years two and beyond. This is one of the very few plans that provide payment for services from day one.

Preventive Services – Assurant Health’s dental plans allow two visits per year (one every 6 months) and like most all dental plans there is no waiting period.  But where this plan differs is that the dental plan will pay up to $100 for your preventive services on their “INTERMEDIATE” and “PLUS” plans which in most cases is a sufficient amount to cover most or all of your preventive visit costs.  Again, you can visit any dentist – no network restrictions.

Plan Benefits – With the Assurant Health dental plans you have the choice to submit your claims to Assurant after your visit and receive the CASH benefits direct or you can allow your dentist to submit the claims and receive the benefits in their office.  What is slightly different with Assurant Health is that the benefits that are paid are based on a schedule of defined benefits rather than a percentage of an allowed amount.

Because you have the complete choice in whom you select for your dental care it is up to you to negotiate the best deal for you and your family members.  Then simply submit your claims with receipts for reimbursement.  Remember, you are your best advocate when shopping for services.  Today paying in CASH offers strong incentives for dental providers to offer discounted fees for full payment at the time services are rendered.  You do not even need to tell the dentist that you have dental coverage.  These dental plans are great especially if you live in a more rural part of the United States where networks are limited or not available at all. Many people simply do not want to have to choose a provider in any network – the choice is yours.  Click on the image below and watch  the presentation about how these plans work.

Click to View Assurant Health’s Dental Presentation

Applying for Assurant Health is simple and easy to do.  Because there is no underwriting to do the enrollment process is guaranteed.  To read more about the dental plans from Assurant Health click on the link below.  To get a quote and apply when ready click on the blue button.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO…

Applying Is Easy and Fast

Enrolling in a Assurant Health dental plan is fast and easy to do.  You simply generate your dental quote, select the dental plan that best meets your needs and then enroll online.  Within 24 hours you will receive your dental plan information via email along with your ID cards.  Billing is month to month when you bill to your credit card or set up EFT billing.  There are no long term commitments and you can terminate your coverage at anytime.

Available to Most Seniors

Assurant Health’s Dental Plus plan is available in most state to seniors as long as you enroll through age 70 and it is renewable up to age 75.  If you are over the age of 75 then there are other options depending on the state you live.  Email us for more information about dental plans for seniors over the age of 75 at “”.

For those who may prefer to download the paper version for the application download it from the button below.  Simply complete the application and FAX it back to us at FAX# (415) 651-8696.  You can also scan your application and email it to us as an attachment at “”

If you have any questions at all about the Assurant Health dental plans call us at (619) 435-6700 or email us at ““.  Feel free to visit our website at


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